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Board Meeting 2

Artist: Various
Board Meeting 2
Label: Here’s My Card Records
Cat no: CardUK010
Date: 2006
Format: 5″ cd / Digital Download

“The second edition of the popular Board Meeting series. This time around the record of 8 tracks in 5 minutes is surpassed with 10 tracks in 5 minutes. Can you say, ‘maximize your listening satisfaction’? I think we can!”

01 I’m Dr Boyant – Tiny Leeches Sing
02 Shitmat – Ecstacy Monster
03 nwodtleM – Giggle Fit
04 Alan Titmash – Brain Damage
05 Nailbomb Cults – Cocopop Urinary Failure
06 Ebola – Chip Shop Violence
07 Listen With Sarah – Bouncing Elvis
08 Hot Roddy – Flush And Wash Hands
09 Jason Forrest – Question Mark x 3
10 Ladyscraper – Reparcsydal

Available from Here’s My Card Records